ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) - #TeamXerox came out loud and proud for Employee Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Outreach,  with Corporate Communications, Ally and Personal Leader messages to support this significant anniversary of #Stonewall50 and #LGBTPrideMonth 2019

Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month - The Hub:    https://xerox.sharepoint.com/sites/TheHub/en/news/Pages/Celebrating-LGBTQ-Pride-Month.aspx 

The Hub - blog post Reflecting on our Diversity Journey, Suzan Morno-Wade, EVP & Chief HR Officer:  https://xerox.sharepoint.com/sites/TheHub/en/news/Pages/Reflecting-on-our-Diversity-Journey-.aspx

Xerox and More than 200 Major Businesses File Landmark Amicus Brief in Support of LGBTQ Workers:  https://www.hrc.org/blog/over-200-businesses-file-amicus-brief-in-support-of-lgbtq-workers 

Building a Better World - from our Corporate Champion, Herve' Tessler:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/building-better-world-herve-tessler/

Pride: Being yourself. Everywhere. Mike Feldman, Executive Vice President and Corporate Officer:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pride-being-yourself-everywhere-mike-feldman/ 

A Career Focused on Talent and Inclusion Becomes Even More Personal After This Conversation with My Son: Irina Paullay, VP Talent and Organization https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/career-focused-talent-inclusion-becomes-even-more-personal-paullay/