Xerox stands as a continued leader, advancing progress for #LGBT equality and inclusion. Thanks to Mike Feldman, Herve Tessler, Dee Ann Lama and all our colleagues and Allies who help us to bring our best, authentic selves - contributing fully to workplaces around the globe. #PrideMonth

Message recognizing #PrideMonth from:  Mike Feldman, Corporate Executive Vice President and President, North America Operations at Xerox

June is the month where many cities across North America and the globe celebrate Gay Pride. I will personally celebrate the advancements we have made for the LGBTQ community and at the same time I realize we still have a lot more work to do to ensure LGBTQ people and people of every background are treated equally and with respect and dignity. I am proud to work for Xerox which has always demonstrated an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion for everyone.